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Ok cool,  education is being offered again by yet another makeup artist--why choose DeShawn?


DESHAWN HATCHER isn't your typical educator.  She is the type that will not only work you until you get it--but she will not stop until you do. You can hear her say to her students  "You better ask me your questions--isn't that what you paid for, let me hear them."  


She is constantly going the extra mile with her students because--yep, she cares. You can often walk by a DeShawn class and would hear yesss, the music pumping, but then you'd see she is engaged in deep conversation with her students. You can see her demonstrate a technique, or maybe giving them a hug or some encouragement.  


It has always been about the connections she can make with her students. The more connected, the better she can teach all they came to know, and things that they didn't even think to ask.  That is her mission as an educator. DeShawn's specialty is being able to teach to a whole class while giving each student their individual attention--that one-on-one they need and deserve.



"I never forgot what it was like being a newbie, or not understanding a technique.  Paying my money for education only to be leaving classes because the instructor was all flash and no substances.  I felt like I had just wasted my money.  I never want my students to ever feel that way.  I've been told I give too much information away. I don't see it that way.  The more information my student has, the better equipped they are in their careers. Isn't that why they took my class? It is so important to me--to know that my students, not only get me but get what they came for--an education that will better their careers."



FOR MORE INFORMATION ON DESHAWN HATCHER--GO TO THE ABOUT SECTION HERE, FOLLOW HER ON YOUTUBE, ASK HER A QUESTION ON PERISCOPE TV, OR READ HER BLOG, or read Assiting Rules!. All done to help her fellow artist--just simply be better makeup artist

DeShawn Hatcher