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DeShawn Hatcher, is an artist and educator who understands the importance of assisting in our industry and values our long history of apprenticeship. With an intimate knowledge of so many areas of our business and a know-how of what happens behind the scenes, she is able to offer advice and insight to the very many artists trying to break in to todays makeup  world and provide clear vision.  

                                      James Vincent, Education Director, The Makeup Show

She practiced all she learned, and her hard work paid off. Not only was she working in every genre of beauty and fashion, she moved on to the great white tents of Mercedes-Benz Fashion week. There she started off on teams for Philp Lim and Tommy Hilfiger and then moved on to Keying several shows including Venxiana,  Rolando Santana.   "Ahh, when I walk through those white tents I can hear angels singing." She's the Beauty Director for the Guinness World's Record longest running runway show in the world,  Cotton's 24 Hour Runway Show.  DeShawn creates over 200 hair and makeup looks and runs a staff of over 80 talented artists for 24 hours.  


Her work has been seen nationwide in over 100 fashion magazines from Vogue (Mexico), Vanity Fair,  to cool indie magazines, Zink, and Bullett. National Billboards for Rocawear and Boost Mobile.  Her work on Entertainment Tonight,  Extra, The Insider and for 2 seasons as lead makeup artists for E! Ice Loves Coco has been seen by millions.


Education is extremely important to DeShawn. You can often hear her ask her students " Did you learn something today? Don 't you dare leave here without asking me your questions." Her style of teaching is inclusive and inviting but tough when need be.  It's led her to be an invited stage educator for the International Makeup Artists Tradeshow (IMATS), the POWDER GROUP, and the MAKEUP SHOW, along with many other locations across the country.

Have you ever had that feeling-I just don't belong here?  I did, and stepped out on faith and left behind a great paying job as a portfolio administrator to become a makeup artist. DeShawn told a group of students at her POWDER GROUP class.   After 13 years,  DeShawn has indeed, stepped out on faith and succeeded.  Her roster has  Grammy winners, Academy Award nominees, All-Star athletes, dignitaries, Fortune 500 Executives and movie legends. Vanessa Williams says about DeShawn, “DeShawn’s genius brought out the beauty inside me.” She has worked with Beyonce, Tom Cruise, and Annette Bening to name a few.


DeShawn’s determination to become a leading makeup artist led her to assisting and to master makeup complexities and solutions for all ethnicities. Her vast knowledge of Print, Video, Film, High Definition TV, Beauty, Fashion, and 3D was the perfect training ground to becoming a masterful beauty and fashion makeup artist. It all started with assisting.


DeShawn's on-the-job-training was the sets of photographers David LaChapelle, Joyce Tenninson, Mark Seliger, and Fadil Berisha, coupled with assisting some of the top artists in the field was awe-inspiring. “To be on these sets is like taking a masterclass, it's priceless."

You can also find DeShawn Hatcher mentoring, her assistants and helping newbies and not so newbie artists when and where ever she can. "I truly believe the more you know, the more you can become a success--ahh but you've got to work." When she's is not teaching she is sharing her knowledge with over 100,000 aspiring makeup artists throughout the world through her blog  There she shares her knowledge of the business and says it like only DeShawn can, tough and to the point, and oh so funny.


As of 2015, she is a featured columnists for two beauty publications Today's Black Women, and Hype Hair magazines read by over 120,000 women a month and oh yeah, she wrote this book its called ASSISTING RULES!

Maybe you heard of it? :)



You can now learn from DeShawn Hatcher via her new Youtube Channel.  Over 40 videos and counting all to help you become the best makeup artist you can  be.



DeShawn is a native New Yorker, a Yankee fan, and Libra trying to find her center :)


I was new to the industry back in 2012, when I took a workshop that DeShawn was teaching. You know how you meet someone new and you're instantly comfortable with them like you were quite possibly friends in another lifetime? Yeah, that was us. In that workshop I learned soooooo much from DeShawn. She saw something in me that I didn't know I had and made sure she challenged it out of me!


Pivotal to my learning was her teaching about assisting. True enough, as I've found out over the years since then, being a great artist is all about your ability to support. The glitz and the glam, the titles, the prestige, the honor, all of that will come; but you gotta crawl before you walk! More often than not, that means crawling your behind on set to assist someone that's in the place you want to be! She emphatically said "you may not ever touch a face that day, you may be the one that has to go buy donuts and coffee that day!" That resonated so loudly. If you can't handle the simple tasks, why on earth would you be given the challenging ones?


Every step I've taken since that day, I've kept DeShawn's invaluable teachings in the forefront of my mind. I guarantee I wouldn't have grown as fast as I have, professionally, these past several years if not for her! Thank you DeShawn! Xoxo


Antoine Williams

Sales Coordinator

Urban Decay Cosmetics


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